Friday, January 6, 2012

A Trip to the Grand Canyon

Gazing over the edge. The Grand Canyon is too large to be seen from the ground.  One can only ponder the numerous adventures exploring this phenomena.  
On a nice day the Canyons colors of bright oranges and mixed earth hues stand out against a bright blue sky.   Strange rock formations stand tall balancing on themselves.  Layers of erosion show the years of drought.  This Canyon was once a very large lake.  Dwindled down to a river that powers the Hoover Dam, Vegas and a Large portion of California. 
grandcanyon3 copy
What will happen when it dries up and there is no more water to power the cities of Nevada and California.  Will they become ghost towns? Will people be forced to create new ways of making fresh water and electricity?  Only time will tell.
Grand Canyon