Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Enchanted" song vs "Dressed to Kill" Sherlock Holmes music box 1946

Ok so I was cooking burgers and fries last night around 8PM and Travis was watching Sherlock Holmes "Dressed to Kill" from 1946.  When all of a sudden I heard this tune from the music boxes created by a convict in prison.  The tune was driving me nuts because I was sitting there saying to myself.  I've heard this before.  Where have I heard it? 

Well after it played another couple of times I started putting words to the strange tune playing from the old black and white 1946 Sherlock Holmes movie.    "I've been dreaming of a true loves kiss"...  no way.  Could it be?  So then I had to look it up on youtube.

Here is the links to the two clips I picked out:

Sherlock Holmes "Dressed to Kill" 1946

Dressed to kill at 43:08 Seconds
Dressed to Kill 43:43 Seconds


Enchanted at 1:17 secongs of song
Enchanted at 23 seconds of song

I guess its up to you to decide whether they are similar or not. :)  good luck!