Monday, November 28, 2011

Exploring Arizona's Verde Rivers Edge

       The 2nd Painting I created was of the Verde River.  My Father in law had taken Travis and I out to show me how to shoot a bb-gun, a hand gun, revolver and a double barrel shot gun.

"Verde River" (c) Janet Tremblay 2009
       We had driven out to a remote area where it would be safe to shoot.  I remember being nervous about the double barrel shot gun when they handed it to me and said.  You only get one shell!  It made me think of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  Where Jack Sparrow has saved the one bullet in his gun for the proper moment.  So I held the gun tight to my shoulder aimed down the barrel at the target, a soda pop victim, and squeezed the trigger.  Nothing happened.  Oh it was the wrong trigger.  There are 2 triggers on that damn gun. One for each barrel.  So I tried a second time and BAM!  The can disappeared.

        Well Anyway after shooting I really had to pee.  So we drove out to the Verde River and I ran in the nearest porta potty and ran out. “Theres a giant spider in there!”   Gary jestured at the gun and said I knew how to use it now.  But I just made a concerned face.  Took a deep breath than ran back into the porta potty to brave that spider on the ceiling above the toilet.  I cursed at it a few times, threatening it with what I would do to it if it jumped or fell on me. 

Verde Rivers Edge
       After the toilet indecent Travis and I were standing with his Father and Step Mother on a mound over looking the River taking pictures when we started to get bit by fire ants.  I happen to look down and there was a whole swarm of them.  We were standing on a mound of red desert sand filled with ants.  We all kind of took off in different directions and Gary decided it was time to go home.  In my plea to stay a little longer I ran down the hill where I took the photograph for my “Verde River” Painting at the waters edge.  And Gary told Travis to follow me.  To prevent me stepping on any scorpions or rattle snakes. :D